[Samba] Kerberos/ldap setup with samba3

Marc Remolt JesoreHarale at gmx.de
Mon Jan 5 18:10:28 GMT 2004

I've done some extensive searching on that matter and found nothing. What I
would like to do is WinXP workstations directly authenticating at a unix
kerberos kdc (mit or heimdal, don't care). With the ticket access a samba server
configured as a pdc that maps the ticket to a user, ideally stored in a ldap
directory (as I already have one lying around :) ). The rest is standard pdc
As far as I see it the only thing differing from an usual samba/ldap setup
is that the passwords are not in the ldap dir itself. 
Is this possible to do?

If it isn't - is there a way to store the ntPassword attribute in kerberos
like the userPassword?


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