[Samba] samba 3.0.1 characterset

gontar012 at freestart.hu gontar012 at freestart.hu
Sun Jan 4 13:05:40 GMT 2004

Hello, happy new year to everybody!
I have installed a Debian 3.0r2 woody, i use iso-8859-2 charmap
(locale.gen : hu_HU ISO-8859-2)
Im trying to install samba, and everything is ok, except one thing: when i use "special characters" like "é" "á" etc. in directory or file names, i cant create directory, or if i can, i cant access it after it. (I get a message like directory does not exist...)
I use win 98 clients with Hungarian language. (CP502 or ISO-8859-2 ??)
I think i have to set the charset on linux correctly (set utf-8? and how?) and need to set dos charset/ unix charset / console charset in samba, but dont have idea how to do it..
Please help me!
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