[Samba] Re: net rpc vampire still not working

Chew, Darren darrenc at vicscouts.asn.au
Sat Jan 3 07:27:20 GMT 2004

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your suggestions. I substituted the ldap suffix with 
dc=samba,dc=org just before I posted it. I guess its my little attempt at 
keeping confidential site specific config.

I have chosen LDAP because from what I understand it appears to be the 
most scalable of account information databases. I plan to deploy samba 3 
BDC using openldap's replication to replicate the sam database.

I know my ldap setup is working because I can bind and do ldapsearches. My 
goal is to achieve SSO. Samba is one of the last pieces in the puzzle... 
Don't worry I am not trying to wing it per se. :)

The idea...

ldap -> sasl -> pam -> winbind -> samba (ldapsam)

How do you have you samba setup? Do you use rsync and tdbsam?


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