[Samba] domain admins no longer recognized after reboot?

Brett Dikeman bdikeman at bitpipe.com
Fri Jan 2 22:05:57 GMT 2004

Ok- very odd behavior here.  Our Samba 3.0.0 server was happy as a clam, 
domain admins were recognized by client systems.

We rebooted the server recently- the only real change we've made to it- 
and now, domain admins aren't recognized.  However,  I was able to use a 
user who is supposed to be a domain admin to join a machine to the 
domain(!)  Imagine my surprise when Windows Update said "Administrators 
Only!"  Same thing on an 'old' box; it no longer recognizes me as a 
domain admin.

The RID for Domain Administrator matches- 512, according to 'net 
groupmap list'.  From a Win2k Server, using usrmgr, I can verify that 
the groups exist, and the users I'm expecting to be in the admin 
group(s) are.  What else should I check?  We've got System Operators, 
Domain Admins, and Administrators all mapped to the unix group domadm, 
and this setup was working fine.  I'm stumped...


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