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Sirajuddin Ghumro sghumro at hubpower.com
Thu Jan 1 07:39:09 GMT 2004

Dear Aslam Ghumra,

Happy New Year and I pray that 2004 brings you good health, prosperity and
every success.

I would be grateful for taking a little time to read this email as normally
everybody is not interested in what I am in i.e. tracing my history.

My name is Sirajuddin Ghumro.  We Ghumros are Sindhis and have permanent
residence in District Sukkur and Khairpur of Sindh Province in Pakistan.  I
am in search of our origin - some say we came to this part of the world with
Mohamed Bin Qasim when he conqured Sindh but I have not found any traces in
the history in support of this.  There is a famous tale in the family that
either in Tuzuk-e-Babari or Tuzuk-e-Akbari, there is a mention of a Ghumro
very close to the King.  In 1979 my uncle went to Egypt on WHO training
programme.  He came across a street called "Kamrah" and he was told that we
in fact the word Ghumro or Ghumra is the corrupted version of Kamrah as in
Arabic there is sound like "gh".  We have Jhumra here in the Punjab
Province.  It gives me immense interest to learn about you.  Who do you
think relate to Ghumro or Jhumra or are you a totally separate tribe.  I was
in the UK first of week of November, had I looked your name before that I
would have contacted you.  Anyway, this can happen again.  I would be
grateful for your little more time to tell me about Ghumras.

Best Regards.
Sirajuddin Ghumro

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