[Samba] Must a Samba PDC use LDAP for nss?

Chew, Darren darrenc at vicscouts.asn.au
Thu Jan 1 07:26:05 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I am having trouble doing a 'net rpc vampire' because everytime a group is 
added it is added with gid 10000 and so the vampire process fails to make 
group mappings for all subsequent groups after the first one (Domain 
Admins). This has repercussions later down the track as I am unable 
to add users, as they can't be added into valid Samba groups.

Do I need to use LDAP as a naming service to use Samba as a PDC? I am 
using Solaris 9 and really do not want to use LDAP as a naming service but 
I don't know that I am going to be able to deploy Samba 3 on Solaris 

Has anyone successfully deployed Samba 3 as a Domain Controller on Solaris 
9 with ldapsam? Would love to hear from you.

Please help. Thanks.


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