[Samba] Samba 3.0.2 as PDC -- /home Directory always mapped

Moondance Foxmarnick calabash at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 28 19:38:15 GMT 2004

Could you just snip the part of your .conf file that defines logon path,
logon script logon home and logon drive. This would give me a better
idea of what you are trying to accomplish. 

>From what you wrote, it sounds like you want the users, when they log in
on your Windows clients to have there home drive mapped automatically
(/opt/user), but not on Z:
logon drive = defaults to Z: even if it is not in the .conf file. Just
add it and fill in the drive you prefer. 
Leave [homes] the way it was - read only = no ; browseable = no and make
sure your logon home = \\%L\%u and you should have no other problems.
I'm assuming you do not have and Win98 boxes, and that you are not
running a NIS server.

Look forward to hearing back.

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I am usin Samba 3.0.2 on RHES 3.0 with w2k Clients.
When  i make the [homes] service available the clients can access the 
directory. But die directory will not be mapped on the Winows clients. 
When i comment it out the service in smb.conf, it is not available BUT 
in the log file i see "cannot connect to service "user". I think this is

not good for performance.
I have much Data "behind" /home directory so i dont want the users to 
have access to this directories.
When i changed the home directories of the user in the /etc/passwd to 
i.e. /opt/user it work fine, but the dir get mapped on Z:\ automaticly 
on the client.
Is there a solution to let the win machine connect to a different 
"/home" direcorty of the user which will not be mapped.

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