[Samba] Samba 3.0.2 as PDC -- /home Directory always mapped

Christian König christian.koenig at linuxit.at
Sat Feb 28 17:05:40 GMT 2004


I am usin Samba 3.0.2 on RHES 3.0 with w2k Clients.
When  i make the [homes] service available the clients can access the 
directory. But die directory will not be mapped on the Winows clients. 
When i comment it out the service in smb.conf, it is not available BUT 
in the log file i see "cannot connect to service "user". I think this is 
not good for performance.
I have much Data "behind" /home directory so i dont want the users to 
have access to this directories.
When i changed the home directories of the user in the /etc/passwd to 
i.e. /opt/user it work fine, but the dir get mapped on Z:\ automaticly 
on the client.
Is there a solution to let the win machine connect to a different 
"/home" direcorty of the user which will not be mapped.

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