[Samba] Re: samba transfer speed on shares

deflin39 at deflin.net deflin39 at deflin.net
Sat Feb 28 03:22:04 GMT 2004

BTW, I have seen a few problems like this across the net, but they all had
problems going from xp->linux, not the other way around like mine.  And
there were no solutions given for the problem.

> Hi all!
> I have searched through the archives and have not found an answer to this,
> but it is also possible I wasn't searching for the right thing, so here
> goes.
> I am running samba 2.2.7a on a RH 9 box.  I am having issues with transfer
> speeds on my shares.  I have the shares mapped to drives on my XP box.
> When coping files from the XP -> linux, The speed is great.  But from
> linux->XP my speed drops off drastically.
> Now, if I mount my D: drive onto my linux file system, I get good speeds
> both ways when using the command line to do the copying.
> Also, ftp speeds are fast and consistent both ways.
> Map drive
> xp->linux: 100megs/18secs
> linux->xp: 100megs/30 minutes
> Drive mounted on linux fs
> xp->linux: 100megs/12secs
> linux->xp: 100megs/12secs
> similar speed for FTP
> Has anyone seen something similar to this situation?  Please let me know
> if I can clear any of this information up or provide detailed
> settings/configurations...
> deflin39

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