[Samba] Showing SID instead of username in security section of file properties

amy amyxiao at yifan.net
Sat Feb 28 00:50:53 GMT 2004


I have 3 Samba servers set up at different time. Now all of them have been upgraded to 3.0.2. I use Winbindd to handle users from Windows Domain. They are working pretty good except one of the server having problem translate SID to username. Every time when I try to check the security setting for a file from a Windows 2000 workstation, it will display "Domain Users", "Everyone" and "s-x-xx...". The SID is actually the owner of the file. I have checked the file properties on Linux system, it can read the owner's name correctly. Using "wbinfo -s" on that machine check the username, it works fine. This only happens on one server. wbinfo -u or -g works fine. smb.conf file on that server are similar with the other servers. What should I check to work around this issue? 



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