[Samba] HELP! Content of file on NT server does not change

Speedo Goo speedo at shenglong.com.cn
Fri Feb 27 05:49:42 GMT 2004

hi all,

i am using linux to "mount -smbfs" a Windows NT share to read a file 
there. a win32 app (not written by me) on the NT server opens the file 
for read-write *once* and then *continually* changes the content. i can 
view the file content changing from another Windows box on the LAN, but, 
on my linux machine, every time i cat the file, it's still the old 
content when i mount it. Are there any cache problems here? or, Do i 
need to put some extra arguments for mount? or ...

thanks in advance.

Speedo at shenglong dot com dot cn

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