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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Feb 26 11:54:15 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 15:36, Craig White wrote:
> In case this matters... RH AS 3 / samba 3.0.0-14-3E
> Just switched dial in from Windows RAS server to Linux PPP server. I
> can't seem to figure out a way to allow Windows users to log in with
> Domain name
> i.e. /etc/ppp/pap.secrets
> client       server    password    ip address
> DOMAIN\user    *       my_pass     111.222.333.444
> "DOMAIN\user"  *       my_pass     111.222.333.444
> DOMAIN\\user   *       my_pass     111.222.333.444

What you really want is to use the domain passwords.  

> No matter what, I can't log on - if I use the domain. This means that
> the dial-in user can't access the domain without network
> browsing...which I have simplified somewhat by creating a batch file
> that simply does 'explorer.exe \\Server'  - but that sure isn't pretty.

So they are logging in on PPP fine, they just can't browse?  The PPP
level and the SMB/Browsing level are very different problems.

> I'm thinking that someone here has solved this issue (running dial-in
> and providing domain access).
> Also - on these same lines...I can add ms-dns ip.of.dns.server to
> /etc/ppp/options but how about wins server? - at this point, I have to
> manually put the wins server address into the windows dial-up client for
> it to be able to browse the network. Any suggestions?

ms-dns and ms-wins are both documented in the PPP manpage.

> As long as we're going for the long ball, is there any methodology to
> support L2TP via Samba? What I want is full Windows RAS from Samba ;-)

It's not impossible.  See my paper at
http://hawkerc.net/staff/abartlet/comp3700 for information on using
PoPToP in a similar situation, but pppoe would also work.  Anything that
can talk PPP can use the MS domain passwords.  I need to extend the
patch provided to also work with plaintext...

Andrew Bartlett

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