[Samba] IIS and Samba

Augusto 'The Gus©' Pellis gus at socratenet.com
Thu Feb 26 08:17:46 GMT 2004

Good morning.
I am sorry for this newbie question: I am using a samba (3.01) share on
a RedHat 9 system, which holds datas and w32 applications for our
Since I develop isapi.dll's , I need to have a running IIS on another
machine, and a virtual directory which points to the samba share, where
Dll's and databases are stored. On creating the virtual directory, I am
asked with which user I should connect to the resource and, indeed, the
content of the share is displayed correctly in the IIS administration
The problem arise when somebody tries to connect like i.e. (to be clear, the
dll is stored in the samba share): I am prompted with a username,
password and domain name to which I cannot answer correctly, ending to a
401.3 ACL error.
For this reason I must copy all the dll and data involved in the machine
which runs IIS, and everything works normally.

Has someone any clue on how to solve this?

Thank you for your kind attention and time!

Augusto 'The Gus' Pellis
*      darWInItalia S.r.l.
*     Socrate S.n.c.
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