[Samba] Re: Hide unreadable, strange problem

Sten Sletbak Sten.Sletbak at adm.hio.no
Tue Feb 24 10:51:11 GMT 2004

In article <slrnc3k9dd.qki.Sten.Sletbak at valium.p52.hio.no>, Sten Sletbak wrote:
> The "hide unreadable = yes" option gives strange results with samba 3.x.
> Everything works fine when the server runs as a domain controller. Users
> see the directories they are supposed to (unix group permission) in the
> share. Turning off domain control and setting "security = DOMAIN",
> however, hides every directory in the share unless you are an admin user.
> I can cd to the directories with the appropriate permissions with
> smbclient, but the content is invisble.
> Googling, tethereal and max samba loglevel came up with nothing as far as
> I could see, so I am stumped.

Here is a level 10 log of opening the shared folder from an XP client.
The first part is with security=user (mysql password backend), the
second part with security=domain (mysql password backend).
I think I spotted some differences that might be relevant.
It's a large log, so search for "--Start" and "--Permission".



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