[Samba] Supplementary Group Issues

Dmitry Monakhov monakhv at ot.ru
Tue Feb 24 10:45:41 GMT 2004

Hi, All

> I was wondering if any one else is having issues with supplementary groups
> not being recognized.  It seems as if Samba is ignoring the sup.groups.  I'm
> using RH9.0 on Intel with samba-3.0.0-2_rh9 and OpenLDAP 2.0.27.  When I do
> a "id -a username" the user is in all the necessary groups but when
> accessing shares the users' primary GID is used only.

I have the same problem using samba 3.0.2a SUN Solaris-9 SUN One 
Directory Server 5.2

Supplementary groups are recognized quite correct under unix shell
environment, but samba can recognize them only from /etc/group file
ignoring content of /etc/nsswithch.conf

Is it bug or samba-3.* feature?

> For example,
> uid=1001(jgray) gid=512(domainadmin)
> groups=512(domainadmin),0(root),513(domainusers),1536(SpiderAdmin)
> can only access shares that are defined this way:
> drwxrwx---    2 jgray     domainusers       48 Feb  5 18:12 test
> But not this way
> drwxrwx---    2 root     domainusers       48 Feb  5 18:12 test
> The user jgray should have access to the share as either root or domainuser
> but cannot.  user jgray can only access if ownership is either jgray or part
> of group domainadmin.
> Thanks,
> Jason

Dmitry Monakhov System Administrator
Open Technologies, tel: +7(095)787-7027
e-mail: monakhv at ot.ru, http://www.ot.ru/

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