[Samba] Re: Printing vs. iptables

Ken Tindle ktindle at uky.edu
Mon Feb 23 19:59:16 GMT 2004

I've tried to log dropped packets, but on a big network there are too many
sort out.  In putting conditions on the logging, I've found that the dropped
packets do not have a source address of an individual machine, or a unicast
address, or a broadcast address.  I know something is being dropped in the
PREROUTING chain because the OUTPUT chain can be changed to ACCEPT
without any help.

I have noted this in the log:

unable to connect to SMB server on machine <NAME>.
Error was : SUCCESS - 0.

In Samba 3.0.2a, what is "srv-spoolss_nt.c" attempting to do on the network?

It seems there should be an "official" set of iptables rules someplace!

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