[Samba] Re: DOS Networking [OT]

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Wed Feb 18 15:18:26 GMT 2004

Greetings ...

> Has anyone ever got command line only Windows 95 DOS to connect to a Samba 
> machine? I can connect to an NT machine no problem using "net use ...", but 
> the only machine the DOS machine will see on the network is the NT machine; 
> all of the others, including my Linux machines and a Win 2k machine, it just 
> refuses to see. 
	First, any program you try to run using just W9X DOS and SMB networking, would have to use a very small memory footprint.  MicroSoft's DOS network client is pretty big.

	I hate to show you another network system, but using freeDOS for the client OS, and using an odi base client network, I have found a little easier on the memory needs ... You should then be able to use Novel's client software and mars-nwe ( http://www.compu-art.de/download/mars_nwe.html )for the Linux server, which should give you file and print server.

	Not a perfect solution, but very nice for old and small systems which still need networking.


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