[Samba] Signal 11 in smbd 3.0.2rc2 on printer operation! (more information)

Allen Baranov allen at etechisp.net
Mon Feb 23 12:08:48 GMT 2004


I have the same issue and I have more information which will hopefully be 

I have a network of win98 and nt-type (win2k/xp) machines and this issue seems 
to be only with the 98 machines. It also seems to be that the 98 machines can 
print to some printers but not others. All printers have been set up to use 
cups. If I set up new copies of the printers in cups (exactly the same - only 
different names) then printing works with no errors but if I delete them and 
recreate them (with the same name) then it doesn't.

Allen Baranov

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