[Samba] SAMBA/Network Neighborhood problem

David W. Brown dwbrown at webitplanet.com
Sun Feb 22 18:22:37 GMT 2004

Hello SAMBA gurus, I have SAMBA installed on a Linux box behind a Linux firewall. Also running behind the same firewall on the same class C sub-net is a NT 4.0 box. After starting up SMBD/NMBD I could see the remote SAMBA system and the file and printer shares displayed as icons in the NT 4.0 Network Neighborhood Explorer file system. Right clicking and displaying the menu over the highlighted printer share icon I selected the: printer test for the shared printer in question. The NT 4.0 system requested that I install the printer driver for the shared printer. The printer driver install was successful but afterwards the Workgroup under the Network Neighborhood would no longer allow access which previously would display the icon for the remote system hosting the SAMBA server: SMBD/NMBD. The following error condition was displayed as a NT 4.0 pop-up dialogue:

Workgroup not accessible
The network name cannot be found

The system particulars follow. Please advise, David

OS: rh 7.2, NT 4.0 service pack 6a
SAMBA: version 3.02

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