[Samba] reduce the size of samba 3.0 binary

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Sat Feb 21 00:59:27 GMT 2004

  800MB  seem  very  large, or do you calculate size with all possible
  dependencies?  Even  so  it  seem large. I have had Samba on a Linux
  system where the total size is smaller than 800MB.

  Another  possibility would be to use "Unix services for Windows". It
  is  a package which you can download from microsoft.com. It contains
  many standard GNU utils (even gcc I think!) including NFS support.

  Or  simply  use FTP. Windows Explorer can browse FTP servers (though
  not optimally).
> I installed samba 3.0.  It works.
> But the only problem is that the whole binary package is > 800MB (Solaris 2.8)
> It's a big package to fit in a 2g of / partition.
> Is there way we can reduce the size of the binary by select function/local/etc?
> I don't need all the funcations it supports.  
> Only support UNIX nfs data to PC.

> thanks,
> Jeffrey

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