[Samba] SPNEGO nego problem (REPOST)

Stéphane Purnelle stephane.purnelle at tiscali.be
Thu Feb 19 14:38:34 GMT 2004


I ask you to answer about  question on my network :
Samba PDC 3.0.1 with ACL and LDAP (NIMDA01).

We have on the network the samba server (nimda01) and some win2k server, 
all of win2k server are domain member of my Samba PDC.
On a win2k server, we have a DCOM application that have sometimes a 
The problem is : the server don't answer, no shared directory and no 
DCOM service are available.
But five minutes later, all services is available.

In samba.log, we can see a SPNEGO connexion problem (SMB_err = 49152).
All win2k server are patched to the last microsoft patch (SP4).

Is a samba problem, a windows problem, a network problem.

A answer is very apprecied.
Thank you

Stéphane Purnelle <stephane.purnelle at tiscali.be>
Site Web : http://www.linuxplusvalue.be

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