[Samba] Understanding the guest account

Moondance Foxmarnick technology at ovs.org
Wed Feb 18 23:05:52 GMT 2004

Hello. I am new to both Linux & Samba. I am still running Samba 2.2.8a.
I have just received new PCs and they are XP based. The rest of my
network is Win98 boxes.
I have studied Using Samba by O'Reilly press and cannot quite seem to
grasp the following:
When the guest account is mapped to the default: "nobody" and my Win98
boxes log in, very frequently (but not always) their home directory will
map to / on the Samba box and in "My Computer" it will show as: "nobody
on S" for the drive description.
This is easily stopped - change the guest account to "what" and add
"nobody" to invalid users. There is no "what" account.
Now I have XP. With no valid guest account, I cannot log onto the Samba
I vaguely understand that 98 and XP use different methods of joining a
Domain. (98 really doesn't) But I can't seem to translate this to how to
have my cake and eat it too.
Or in other words: guest account for XP and proper home drive mapping
for 98.
Can someone point me in the right direction?

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