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Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Wed Feb 18 23:18:58 GMT 2004

> [Samba] Fwd: smbspool
> zynkx skydive at megamail.pt
> Wed Feb 18 21:31:02 GMT 2004
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> Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 20:25:26 +0000
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> Subject: smbspool
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> i am using this command line from a linux client to try
> to print to my linux samba server with a shared
> printer, that is printing ok from windows clients.
> the test page prints ok from this same linux host.
> here is the command i am using:smbspool
> smb://printserver/neptuno/hp_670C 1 nobody 1 test

OK, I don't really understand why you need to do it, but here you go:

* Try with no arguments first:

   kde4 at kde-bitshop:> smbspool
   network smb "Unknown" "Windows Printer via SAMBA"

* Try with one dummy-argument:

   kde4 at kde-bitshop:> smbspool dummy
   Usage: smbspool [DEVICE_URI] job-id user title copies options [file]
        The DEVICE_URI environment variable can also contain the
        destination printer:

* "Aa-haaaa..."

   The command wants to use the DEVICE_URI environment variable, plus
   5 or 6 arguments (5 if it gets input from stdin, 6 if the printjob
   is a file).

* Try this:

   DEVICE_URI="smb://skydive:happylanding@cessnaclub/piper/hp_670C" 1111 skydive2 "An SMB Print Job" 2 "sides=two-sided-long-edge" /etc/samba/smb.conf

                       skydive - username
                  happylanding - password
                    cessnaclub - workgroupname
                         piper - servername
                       hp_670C - printersharename
                          1111 - job-ID (you may invent one)
                      skydive2 - user (you may invent one)
            "An SMB Print Job" - job title (you may set one)
                             2 - number of requested copies
   "sides=two-sided-long-edge" - print job options (you may set more, comma-separated, if CUPS is the printing system underneath the Samba print server (*))
           /etc/samba/smb.conf - the file you want to print

   (*) won't work against a Windows print server!

* Works for me!

> where hp670c is the name of the printer as it is
> configured in the smb.conf and nobody the name of the
> user wich ii am not sure if it is right...
> it connects to the print server but it does not print
> any ideia?

No more than the above...

Cheers & happy printing!

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