[Samba] calculating passwords, and what to do with sambaLMPassword

Torben Thomsen torben at itcampus.dk
Wed Feb 18 18:13:03 GMT 2004


I'm trying to calculate the passwords so i can change them from a 
php-gui, an as i see it, userPassword can have any form if the 
cryptation algorithm is stated before the hash, like "{md5}blahblah32bit".

In the docs, it states that sambaNTPassword is a md4 hash, wich should 
be calculatable (haven't done it yet though).

And last for the sambaLMPassword:
I can't find any documentation about how it's caclulated, In some 
testcases i found online, it just have the same value as 
sambaNTPassword, but for some reason they differ in my configuration...

I'm wondering in general about the sambaLMPassword attribute, is it only 
for OS/2 issues? or does it have some usable features as well ? (this IS 
a linux channel right ;) ......


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