[Samba] Help! messed up user rights with word and samba 3.0.x

Alexander Goeres agoeres at lieblinx.net
Wed Feb 18 17:59:33 GMT 2004

Hello everybody!

I need help with a curious problem referring to Word and Samba.
I've installed a network with a Samba 3.0.2 PDC and fileserver and about 8 
Windows Clients ranging from w2k prof (members of the domain) to XP home. The 
XP Home users have an account within the domain and so can "mount" the Samba 
share as a local drive on their computers. All of the users are members of 
the nt group "domain users" that is mapped to a linux group "domuser".

Everything works fine so far with exception of 2 users/machines, who always 
get very strange problems with word and the samba-share:

When they open a Word file with the rights 775 (the standard for the share) 
directly from the share the rights of this file are always changed to 555 the 
moment they change something within this file. and so they are not able any 
more to save it. They can save it with a different name though.

This happens with two of the 8 clients: a w2k prof client with Office 2000 and 
an XP Home client with works (I think word 2002, if such thing exists..).

I had posted such a question some time ago here and got the advice to change 
from Samba 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 what I finally did. First I thought that had solved 
the problem, but it didn't. I just had intimidated the users too much to 
complain to me about their denied write access.

In analogy to a hint in the Samba Howto on Access Controls I set all the 
directories of this share to 2775:
	rwxrwsr-x domuser
and put the configurations directives:
	force create mode = 0660
	force directory mode = 0770
in the share's smb.conf part. (where "domuser" is the linux group mapped to 
the nt group "domain users")

It didn't help!

Then I messed around with opportunistic locking, once explicitly declaring or 
denying it
	oplocks = yes
	oplocks = no
and once declaring doc-files to 
	veto oplock files = /*.doc/

It didn't help!

I have absolutely no idea anymore, what could be the reason for this word/
samba behaviour or even how to get rid of it.

So if anybody here made it to the end of this mail, and has any ideas that 
could possibly turn out to be helpful, I'd be extremly glad if you could tell 
me about them.

Thanx in advance

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