[Samba] Printing vs. iptables

Ken Tindle ktindle at uky.edu
Tue Feb 17 18:07:54 GMT 2004

Recently, Windows 2000 SP4 clients have developed a problem when using a
network printer connected to a Samba print share.

Some applications are OK.  But take, well, notepad, for example.  Selecting
a local printer is normal, but there is a two minute delay (!) in selecting
a network printer.  Once selected, all is well.  All smb operations are
frozen until the selection happens.  This is disconcerting to users who are
sure there has been an outright crash.

If iptables has all rules flushed, printer selection is normal.

This appears to have been some change made by Microsoft recently, as this
installation was working normally and blew up recently with a Microsoft
security patch.  I'm not sure which patch broke this.

My firewall rules already account for normal and unicast traffic on ports
135-139 and 445.  And these rules have been successful until about three
weeks ago.

Has Microsoft recently begun using the XP UPnP ports with Win2K?  If not,
just what have they done?  This is driving me nuts.

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