[Samba] Re: Slow copying over samba server to/from Windows XP

Jérôme Fenal jerome.fenal at logicacmg.com
Wed Feb 18 10:36:17 GMT 2004

Panics Robert wrote:

> Hi!
> Just like to know if anyone have the same problem and the solution for this:
> At our company we buy that UNKNOWN os called MS XP Pro, after a while the users report some errors when they try to copy to our samba fileserver, before we use Win98 at the client side, and that problem was not observable. 
> The copy start at 50mbit/sec and somehow it's stops and just waiting waiting about 10-20 sec, then it go ahead.., it's very pesky.
> I was searching at google for the problem, and try several resolution, but they don't work. (Change our HP 4000M switch to another one, Downloaded MS patch, Setting the network card parameters at the registry, trying to set the NIC speed manualy, trying to change the NIC,  modifed the SO_SNDBUF size at samba, and much more.. ) 
> Which I see in iptraf, is the copy starts at 50000kbit/sec and after a while it's go under 2000-3000 kbit/sec, then go back to 50000kbit/sec .. and so on.
> My HW is a HP Proliant ML330T03 P4 Xeon 2.4G with 512M memory and the same size of swap.. 3* SCSI2 HDD
>         debug level = 8

debug level is too high for production usage.
Set it to 0 or 1.



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