[Samba] I have the reboot the Win server to access the UNIX shares.

reza.rafiee at GEORGESINC.COM reza.rafiee at GEORGESINC.COM
Tue Feb 17 22:11:59 GMT 2004

We have Win2000 server and Citrix .

Users on AIX 5.2 use SAMBA (2.2.7) to access the Win notepad to display
their Unix report. This works for most of the day and then it goes bad . We
reboot the Win2k server and they can get back in and works fine.

Do you know any services etc that we can restart on Win2k?

We have to get all users out to reboot that is big problem. We are going to
upgrade our Samba to soon. 

Please let me know if you need more information.


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