[Samba] sometime slowness win2k win98

Paul LaFollette lafollet at huygens.cis.temple.edu
Tue Feb 17 17:56:58 GMT 2004

Good people,

I'm new to samba and more experienced with the unix world than the
windows world.  I have set up a small system consisting of a samba
server running Samba 2.2.3 and FreeBSD 4.4, two win2k systems and
a win98 notebook.  Networking hardware consists of 3com in the FreeBSD
system, whatever 10BaseT stuff is in the motherboards of the windows
systems, and 10BaseT twisted pair and hub.

smb.conf looks like:
	netbios name = BROOKLYN
	encrypt passwords = yes
	wins support = yes
	hosts allow = 10.0.0.
	oplocks = no
	domain master = yes

	path = /usr/samba/thingee
	writeable = yes
	guest ok = yes

When I bring the machines up, everything sees everything properly,
browsing works fine.  Files transfer fine in either direction if I
initiate the transfers by drag and drop.  Mapping a network drive works
ok.  Copying using DOS commands works fine.  Under these circumstances,
files transfer at rates comparable to (within a binary order of magnitude
of) ftp.  Every machine can ping each of the others quickly and reliably.

HOWEVER... I have the following problems.

1) If I open a command window and try to telnet to the FreeBSD machine,
the telnet connection can take as long as a couple minutes before I get
a logon: prompt.  Sometimes it seems as if clicking on a shared folder
to open it in another window will encourage the login: prompt to happen.

2) Although files transfer quickly if the transfer is initiated by drag
and drop, files used by applications seem to transfer VERY slowly.  Apps
installed on the shared drive load VERY slowly.  Installation onto the
shared drive (using, say, Instll Shield) require far too long.

3) If I reboot either of the Win2K machines, it almost never successfully
re-maps the shared drive on reboot.  However, if I go into My Computer
and click the x-d out remote drive icon, it re-maps instantly.

I've messed with various combinations of TCP_NOWAIT, raw read, raw write
all with little or no effect.

I've tried forcing the win2k hardware into 10mb full-duplex and 10mb half-
duplex (instead of auto detect) with no improvement.

On the windows side, I assign ip addresses, assign the FreeBSD box as
the default gateway, assign no addy for DNS, and assign the FreeBSD box
to WNS. Enable netBIOS over tcp-ip.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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