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Sorry by the delay....

All my workstations are W2K SP4.

I already changed the Dayligth saving option in the workstations but no


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are your workstations w98 ??
or nt/w2k ??
(have the same here, only with w98 ws)

you can also use net time /SETSNTP:ntp server

Friday, February 13, 2004, 3:45:21 PM, you wrote:

TFGF> I already configured my time zone, daylight, etc.....

TFGF> The server date is correct. I already compiled a TimeZone file(.ZIC)
TFGF> the correct date for DayLight saving.

TFGF> The server knows that it is daylight saving, but the workstation
TFGF> :-(

TFGF> []´s Tercio

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TFGF> have a look at the time offset option in the man pages.

TFGF> Cheers

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TFGF> Hello there,

TFGF> 	I have a samba PDC 3.0.0 running ok, but I had turned on the option
TFGF> Server" in smb.conf, to synchronize the workstations time with server.
TFGF> the workstations synchronize 1 hour less than it is. I think that the
TFGF> workstations isn´t considering the daylight saving time.

TFGF> 	I´m using the command: net time \\server /set /yes

TFGF> Thank´s,

TFGF> []´s Tercio

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