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On Fri, 2004-02-13 at 16:07, Juer Lee wrote:
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> Hi,
> Can anybody confirm that I must have a user account of the AD who has rights
> to add a machine to the domain when joining Samba as a domain member in AD
> mode?
> Say, when I run command kinit USERNAME at REALM, USERNAME must be a user who
> has rights to do that.
> I got the information above from the HOWTO of Samba-3.
> While I found when I join a Win2000 workstation to a AD, I only need a
> common user account even he hasn't got the rights to assign create the
> computer account in the AD ( I am sure of this, also the account is in
> Domain Users group only )
> Is this the limitation of Samba3? Though I don't think this is a problem.

Try a 'net rpc join' instead, but then you loose some of the ADS magic. 
But yes, because of the the operations we perform on that account it is
a limitation of Samba 3.

Andrew Bartlett

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