[Samba] how to mount another persons home dir when using [homes]

Heupink, Mourik Jan C. Heupink at INTECH.UNU.EDU
Sat Feb 14 09:35:39 GMT 2004

Dear list.

Using samba 3.0.2, exporting home directories to drives using [homes].

Suppose this scenario: an employee falls ill. Someone else has to take over
this persons work. I want to give this NEW person access to the ill person's
home directory. Homedirectories shares are created at logon time. Meaning
that the share for the ill person currently does NOT exist (as he or she is
at home, being ill, and samba has been restarted) so the new person CANNOT
open the other persons home.

Is this true..? Or am I missing something..? And what would be a
workaround..? Tried searching archives, but could find any similar

Kindly yours,
Mourik Jan

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