[Samba] Re: WinXP sometimes is slow opening files / browsing directories

Kevin P.Fleming kpfleming at backtobasicsmgmt.com
Fri Feb 13 23:44:06 GMT 2004

David Justis <djustis <at> deanmch.com> writes:

> One thing we learned in deploying XP workstations was that there is an SMB 
signing option in the registry -
> disabling the Security Signing dramatically improved any network browsing 
from an XP client, whether
> directory or printer.
> Set the "EnableSecuritySignature" to value 0 (zero).

I can confirm this as well, I changed this setting at a site that had been 
experiencing slow browsing and the problem went away completely.

An easier way to apply this setting, by the way, is to use an Active Directory 
Group Policy Object (GPO) and set the

Computer Configuration
  Windows Settings
    Security Setttings
      Local Policies
        Security Options
          Digitally sign client communications (when possible)

setting to "Disabled". This affects the same registry entry, but can be done at 
a domain-wide level to affect all computers in the domain easily. That's what I 
did and it worked a charm. Thanks for the tip David!

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