[Samba] Re: WinXP sometimes is slow opening files / browsing directories

David Justis djustis at deanmch.com
Fri Feb 13 18:03:50 GMT 2004

One thing we learned in deploying XP workstations was that there is an SMB signing option in the registry - disabling the Security Signing dramatically improved any network browsing from an XP client, whether directory or printer.


Set the "EnableSecuritySignature" to value 0 (zero).

This took care of all of our browsing issues, which were experienced on Win2K Server, Samba 2.8x, 3.0, and NT Server 4.0.  Server 2003 did not cause this issue.

David Justis
Systems Analyst
Dean Machinery Co.

Hi, I was reading your article. One question, do you have Norton antivirus
installed in your system? if so, there's a problem with both of them. We are
experiencing the same problem. Just have to wait for the next service pack
from Might Microsoft. Have a nice day.

Louis Ong
Summa Engineering Ltd.
LO at Summaeng.com
(905) 678-3388 Ext. 241

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