[Samba] hardware question

Andrei Mikhailovsky andrei at arhont.com
Thu Feb 12 20:16:46 GMT 2004

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I am sure that Athlon MP 2800+ or a Xeon 3.2 with a gig of ram will do
the job nicely without any delays. To be on a safe side, make them dual
and you'll have no problems. Intranet side shouldn't take a lot of
cpu/memory, so you shouldn't worry about it. Unless you have lods of
mysql requests, this setup would be enough.


Ivo Dancet wrote:
| I recently asked this question, but I didn't get an answer on this part
| of my question:
| What hardware would be able to do this with ease:
| I must install a samba server as PDC for my school. The server would
| authenticate users using openldap (on the same server). And if possible,
| I would also run an intranet on it (apache, php, mysql).
| There would be about a hundred (maybe 150 later on) client pc's (win xp
| and some windows 98) for about 600 students and teachers.
| They have to have home dirs and there will also be some other shares,
| including one for printing on the server.
| Off course I do want to backup stuff too.
| Thanks for any answer in advance.
| Ivo Dancet

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