[Samba] hardware question

Ivo Dancet ivo at im.be
Thu Feb 12 19:29:32 GMT 2004

I recently asked this question, but I didn't get an answer on this part 
of my question:

What hardware would be able to do this with ease:

I must install a samba server as PDC for my school. The server would 
authenticate users using openldap (on the same server). And if possible, 
I would also run an intranet on it (apache, php, mysql).
There would be about a hundred (maybe 150 later on) client pc's (win xp 
and some windows 98) for about 600 students and teachers.
They have to have home dirs and there will also be some other shares, 
including one for printing on the server.
Off course I do want to backup stuff too.

Thanks for any answer in advance.
Ivo Dancet

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