[Samba] Need your help in troubleshooting..

mallik.yerrabolu at wipro.com mallik.yerrabolu at wipro.com
Thu Feb 12 09:58:18 GMT 2004

Ref: System Error 5 occured. Access denied when I use net view command in client.
Dear Sir,
I have installed the Samba server on Solaris 2.6 on an Sun Ultra 10 machine. I am trying to connect with a windows 2000 professional client but when I try to map the samba share as mapped network drive I get the message " The account  is not authorized to to log in from this station."
I tried few diagnosis tests and I find no problem with installation. In fact, it was working fine before. As far as I know we did not make any major changes in our network. 
Also, when I try to use the "net view \\sambaserver "command in the client, I get the error as "System Error 5 occurred. Access Denied".
I couldn't figure out what exactly is the problem.
Kindly help me restore my samba shares.

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