[Samba] adding users from trusted domains into groups

Karel Kulhavý clock at twibright.com
Wed Feb 11 16:20:24 GMT 2004


I have domain KEVF_D4 run by samba PDC that trusts domain
KEVF_D1 run by NT4 PDC. The trust is running judging according
to at least 3 independent signs it is really working.

However when I fire up usrmgrx.exe on a computer that is in KEVF_D4
(and is different from the PDC because PDC is Linux and there
are no Windows to run usrmgrx.exe on) and creat a local group
and then try to add someone from KEVF_D1 into the local group, I get
an error message "User name cannot be found".

I also tried to add some group from KEVF_D1 into that KEVF_D4 local
group and it does the same: "User name cannot be found".

I wonder what user name is it talking about when I am adding
one group into another and think no user names should be involved.

Are these operations supported? If not, is it difficult to hack
them up into the Samba?


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