[Samba] A bug in smb.conf argument parsing, or the documentation is inconsistent ?

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at linuxquebec.com
Wed Feb 11 15:27:33 GMT 2004


This is a repost of a message I posted yesterday.  Apparently, Gmane ate 
it.  I apologize in advance if people receive it in duplicate.

I am running Samba 3 on Fedora Core 1.  I had problem with home dir and 
profiles using the following directive in smb.conf :

     logon home          = "\\%L\%U"
     logon path          = "\\%L\%U"
     logon drive         = u:

It worked when I removed the quote ->"<- in the "logon home" and "logon 
path" directive such as :

     logon home          = \\%L\%U
     logon path          = \\%L\%U
     logon drive         = u:

The example in the smb.conf man page had quote.  In Samba  2.2.7, the 
quote did not pose any problems.

Is this a bug in Samba 3.0 in general, in the rpm from FC1 in 
particuliar or it's just that the behavior changed from 2.2.x to 3.0 and 
the doc had not been updated ?

Thanks !

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