[Samba] SAMBA and LDAP

charlie derr blight at sherlock.demonweb.org
Wed Feb 11 05:12:57 GMT 2004

in addition to telling your server to accept those objectclasses you'll 
need to add a couple other attributes to add those (uidNumber, 
gidNumber, homeDirectory, etc -- see schema definitions of those 
objectClasses (in nis.schema that comes with openLDAP -- you didn't say 
which LDAP server you're using))

certainly if you're using openldap, you can construct ldifs directly to 
add the attributes/objectClasses you need -- this can be done 
programmatically (you can construct an interface and/or script(s)) with 
almost any language (there are LDAP APIs in all of them)

hopefully someone with more of a clue about samba than i will respond as 
to whether there's a better way to do this though


Christian Arguello wrote:

>When i use the command
>Smbpasswd –a carguillo.
>It adds this entry in LDAP.
># carguello,Personas,NOVA
>dn: uid=carguello,ou=Personas,o=NOVA
>uid: carguello
>sambaSID: S-1-5-21-2532083711-3846753250-2864659012-2328
>sambaPrimaryGroupSID: S-1-5-21-2532083711-3846753250-2864659012-513
>sambaPwdCanChange: 1075936258
>sambaPwdMustChange: 2147483647
>sambaLMPassword: B28511D60D92E507E917F8D6FA472D2C
>sambaNTPassword: E204FFF6A3487B4966896293ACC28B9B
>sambaPwdLastSet: 1075936258
>sambaAcctFlags: [U          ]
>objectClass: sambaSamAccount
>objectClass: account
>userPassword:: e1NTSEF9THJlaGg3MDNCTUJkR0h6QjVENE5Fa2tsZnhTUGdvQXM=
> How can I add more parameters using smbpasswd command, I would like to
>add also:
>objectClass: posixAccount
>objectClass: shadowAccount
>Or wich one is the way to add those??
>Thanks in advance..
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>Celular: 099729119
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