[Samba] particular problem

Ben Jones ringstinger86 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 4 23:22:21 GMT 2004

Hello to everyone,
my problem to many of you will be quite simple to others quite hard (like 
me) I have had no previous experience with webmin of samba so im kinda new 
to this.

My problem is that everytime i access my samba share (on my debian system) 
on windows and want to either play an mp3 or watch a film or get some 
college work, Windows Xp pro freezes the hell out of my computer. I am then 
foreced to reboot my whole system everytime. I no that in previous windows 
versions samba and them have been alright and i no its just windows xp which 
has this problem but is there any way to make my system stop freezing.
Basically this is my last resort, if this dont work, i will swap straight 
back to a whole windows system.

Any help will be greatly welcomed.
thanx all,

Ben Jones
samba newb :D

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