[Samba] Creating computer account

Juer Lee juer.lee at raidtec.ie
Wed Feb 11 02:00:41 GMT 2004


Can anybody confirm that I must have a user account of the AD who has rights to add a machine to the domain when joining Samba as a domain member in AD mode?
Say, when I run command kinit USERNAME at REALM, USERNAME must be a user who has rights to do that.
I got the information above from the HOWTO of Samba-3.

While I found when I join a Win2000 workstation to a AD, I only need a common user account even he hasn't got the rights to assign create the computer account in the AD ( I am sure of this, also the account is in Domain Users group only )

Is this the limitation of Samba3? Though I don't think this is a problem.

Thanks in advance,


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