[Samba] Re: network name no longer available

Bevan C. Bennett bevan at fulcrummicro.com
Wed Feb 11 00:27:44 GMT 2004

Magnus Holmgren wrote:
> "Bevan C. Bennett" <bevan at fulcrummicro.com> wrote in the message
> news:bukp2q$q3n$1 at sea.gmane.org...
>>I have a samba PDC/BDC setup with a small number of W2k clients.
>>Not too long ago I set up a set of new servers on fresh Fedora 1 boxes
>>using Samba 3.0.1 and migrated my LDAP to the new schema. It was all
>>working quite well until recently.
>>Suddenly, when I try to change permissions on a windows share (from the
>>windows box), after I give the root password, I get a message that "The
>>specified network name is no longer available" and everything fails.
>>I get the same message when I go into network neighborhood and try to
>>browse to either of the SAMBA boxes. Something must have gotten
>>glitched, but I'm not quite stumped as to what. I even updated to
>>3.0.2rc1 to see if it made a difference...
> That sounds very much like the problem I ran into yesterday. I worked around
> it by disabling SMB signing (set server signing = No in the [global]
> section, plus the corresponding setting on the Windows clients). I'm
> wondering if this is a new bug in version 3.0.1, but since I upgraded to
> that version over a month ago (IIRC) i find it very strange that I haven't
> noticed it until now.

I changed my smb.conf to include server signing = no and all my problems 
immediately went away. Hooray!

Interestingly, the problems I've been seeing also appeared piecemeal 
over the past month or so, which made it the more baffling to debug. 
First I couldn't change permissions using domain ACLs, then I couldn't 
browse the server, then (recently) client systems started refusing to 
log domain users on.  My best guess would be that there are some fairly 
long timeouts or caches that kept things working until they expired.

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