[Samba] Samba User Nightmare

NedColeman at seedcomm.com NedColeman at seedcomm.com
Tue Feb 10 17:24:22 GMT 2004

Hey, I need help! (I'm kinda new to this.),
This past weekend I switched over our server at work from a MS NT 4.0
server to a Red Hat Linux version 9 server.
I had to set up several network shares via Samba.  For testing purposes I
set up a former employee's account on the new server.  This account would
enable me to communicate with the old server and the new to copy over
files.  All the other usernames changed from first name last initial to
first initial last name, something our corporate office wanted.  The former
employees account worked like a charm.  When I finished up on Sunday
evening, I went around to all the computers here in the office and logged
them in with the new usernames.  Monday morning I got a call and no one
could write to the new samba drive.  I got here and went to the computer
that was still logged in as the former employee and it worked fine, I could
read and write to the new drive.  I went to another computer logged in as
someone else and it didn't work fine, I could see what was on the drive and
I could open it and change it, but I could not save it again.  So for the
time being I logged them in as the former employee and I went back home and
back to sleep, lol (I was exhausted from the weekend, lots of long hours
trying to set up a mail program that didn't work).  This morning, Tuesday
morning, I got another call sayin that a few people were having problems
getting logged in with their usernames, so figured what a better time to
come in and troubleshoot to see what's different about the former
employee's account.  When I got here, samba was dropping connections and
people were freakin out because they didn't have the network resources that
they needed.  I quickly had them all switch over to the old server so that
solved that problem.  But I still have the problem of samba not working.
It only wants to work for the former employee and no one else.  I tried
adding my old username so I could access both the old server and the new
and I was having the same problems as everyone else, I couldn't access the
new server at all.  I do not have a clue what the problem is and I'm about
ready to take a shotgun to the dern thing.  Any help would be greatly
appreciated.  Thank you!!

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