[Samba] SLES and samba 2.2.5-UL

Andy Dean adean at whittan-storage.com
Tue Feb 10 17:05:15 GMT 2004


After yesterday and samba not linking the %u switch we now have a samba
server up and running, joined to our domain and wbinfo -u responds with all
the domain users :)  The add user script i`ve put in so far partly works it
creates the user, but no home directory, even though browsing to the linux
box still gves you //samba_server/User_name.
But no home directory is created. deleting the the user in yast it asks me
if i want to delte the users home directory as well, but obvioulsy one
doesn`t exsist.  Can any one offer me any help as to home to get a users
home directory created on the fly.

Thanks for any assistance, 3 days left to get it working, below is my

Top of Form 1
# Samba config file created using SWAT
# from (
# Date: 2004/02/10 17:04:53

# Global parameters
	workgroup = LINK_51
	netbios name = TWEETY
	security = DOMAIN
	encrypt passwords = Yes
	update encrypted = Yes
	password server = linktel,telras,bhill1
	log level = 1
	syslog = 0
	unix extensions = Yes
	printcap name = CUPS
	add user script = /usr/sbin/useradd %U   -d /home/%U
	domain logons = Yes
	os level = 2
	preferred master = False
	local master = No
	domain master = False
	wins server =
	winbind uid = 10000-20000
	winbind gid = 10000-20000
	printing = cups
	veto files = /*.eml/*.nws/riched20.dll/*.{*}/

	comment = Home Directories
	path = /home
	valid users = %S
	read only = No
	only user = Yes
	browseable = No

	comment = All Printers
	path = /var/tmp
	create mask = 0600
	printable = Yes
	browseable = No

	comment = Printer Drivers
	path = /var/lib/samba/drivers
	write list = @ntadmin root
	force group = ntadmin
	create mask = 0664
	directory mask = 0775
Bottom of Form 1


Andy Dean
IT Services 

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