[Samba] Re: school PDC questions

Collen collen at hermanjordan.nl
Tue Feb 10 11:15:25 GMT 2004

Ehh.. it does...

you can setup samba to use (both pdc and bdc) the same mysql server..
so you have 1 mysql server for both samba servers..
this is 1 solution..
the second, run on both samba servers mysql as well.
and let both mysql servers sync eachother..
(both master & both slave..)
or even bether..
let the backup server be the mysql slave, and setup pdc + bdc to use 1
mysql server..
if the pdc+mysql goes down, switch to the bdc, en let him use the
backup mysql..

you see.. mysql can do the job aswell...
l8r, Collen

Tuesday, February 10, 2004, 12:05:32 PM, you wrote:

AB> On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 18:54, Collen wrote:
>> Hmm.. samba works fine as an PDC server.
>> you can also consider Mysql as back-end..
>> we've got a simular situation, and used mysql as backend..
>> and it works quite fine, (still got sime band-with left)
>> we even have a account printing system hooked up with the user
>> database..
>> and are using samba as domain logon server, file server, printer
>> server.. and monitoring system (web based..)
>> so yep it's all possible..
>> adding user in bulk is possible.
>> also if you wish to use samba as pdc + bdc, mysql or ldap is a good
>> choice..
>> (using ldap as a 'MUST' coz' of bdc isn't true.. mysql can do the job
>> as well !!, just need to sync your passwd database to..)

AB> Only if mysql supports something that allows the BDC to write to the
AB> master database.

AB> This is why LDAP is the only solution I know of that allows the BDC to
AB> correctly write to the master database.  It can look like it works, then
AB> it breaks quite badly...

AB> Andrew Bartlett

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