[Samba] Re: school PDC questions

Collen collen at hermanjordan.nl
Tue Feb 10 07:54:01 GMT 2004

Hmm.. samba works fine as an PDC server.
you can also consider Mysql as back-end..
we've got a simular situation, and used mysql as backend..
and it works quite fine, (still got sime band-with left)

we even have a account printing system hooked up with the user
and are using samba as domain logon server, file server, printer
server.. and monitoring system (web based..)
so yep it's all possible..

adding user in bulk is possible.
also if you wish to use samba as pdc + bdc, mysql or ldap is a good
(using ldap as a 'MUST' coz' of bdc isn't true.. mysql can do the job
as well !!, just need to sync your passwd database to..)

have fun..
Collen Blijenberg (Systeem/Netwerk Beheerder)

Montessori Lyceum 
Herman Jordan

Monday, February 9, 2004, 7:05:43 PM, you wrote:

ID> sorry, I was convinced I had added I would have to support 100 pc's
ID> (maybe 150 in the future).

ID> Are there any apps that make the task of adding users in bulk simple?

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