[Samba] samba, pdc, ldap question

testme at temple.edu testme at temple.edu
Tue Feb 10 04:28:53 GMT 2004

I have a question for those of you out there.  I work at a 
university where we already have our ldap systems in place 
and use them for almost all authentication.  I would like to 
implement a samba file server that authenticates of our 
existing ldap server.  Would the best solution be to have 
samba authticate off of ldap through pam.  Is this even 
available.   Can anyone point me in the right direction.  
Everything out there talks about implemeting samba with a 
NEW openldap server.  I would also consider making samba a 
PDC but thats not my main goal.  What is the best way to go 
with what I want to do and with what I already have? Any 
good docs that could help me.  All the normal docs dont fit 
to environment.  Thanks in advance

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