[Samba] A few question about samba-2.2.8a...

Ow Mun Heng ow.mun.heng at wdc.com
Tue Feb 10 01:50:38 GMT 2004

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> From: Alex Chu [mailto:hhchu at strd.csam.com.my]
> Dear Samba Support Team,

Hmm.. I don't think they regard themselves as a support team.. 
maybe just a bunch of ppl who uses samba and hangs around this list
to be help and to help

> I'm trying to install samba-2.2.8a to my system,
> I have a few questions that need your advise:
> 1. Before we install samba, we have to run "./configure" to configure
> samba forthe OS,  what are the possible impacts of this configuration to
the system?

Nothing AFAIK. ./configure just determines whether all the needed
etc are in the system for a successful compile. (eg: it check if you have
gcc C 
compiler )

> 2. Next comes the command "make" to create the binaries, do we need to
> do this in every server that we want samba to be install? Since this step 
> takes some
> time (approx. 1 hour),
>     I would like to know is there any faster way to do the same stuff?
> (like copy the bin files ?)

Short answer : YES
Long answer : NO. No depending on which OS you're running on. Does it
		  RPM or DEB packaging etc. Then again, it depends on
		  If you are using redhat, then why not use a pre-compiled
		  I'm sure your vendor (RH if using RH) will have it

> 3. Can samba be installed in directory others than /usr/local/samba ?
>     If yes, how to do it?

if you do a source compile, that's the default. If you use RPM, it's in 
/usr/bin or /usr/sbin (i can't remember which) 

You can pass parameters to the ./configure script.. eg: ./configure
check out the ./configure --help (I think there exists  one like that)

> 4. Must samba be installed in server disk? How about external disk?
Don't understand the Q.
External disk as in a USB drive? Samba is just a program like ping. 
It doesn't matter where you install it. So long as the system knows
how to search for it.

> Thanks again!!
You're welcomed


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