[Samba] Re: school PDC questions

K. Hawkes k.hawkes at darknyte.force9.co.uk
Mon Feb 9 22:27:28 GMT 2004

> On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 09:05:23AM +1100, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> > Get used to writing and running Net::LDAP perl scripts.  Then it's a
> > simple matter of parsing the text dump from your student admin system.
> >
> > My site is just Samba+LDAP, plus a lot of local scripts.
> >
> > If generating passwords for your students, the Crypt::SmbHash module is
> > very useful.
> >
> > Andrew Bartlett
> Is LDAP a must in this example? Wouldn't it be just as easy to create
> local accounts?
I can't speak for whether LDAP makes things easier or not, but
it's simple enough with a few perl scripts to create users locally
from a CSV or any other kind of text file. Our school doesn't use
LDAP (although we're looking into it with migration to Samba 3),
and we manage 1,500 users quite effectively, most of the newcomers
(each academic year), being created from a CSV file, given to us by
the admin staff (those who have direct access to the school database and

This works well for us, it may do for you also.

Mr. K. Hawkes
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